Rainbow Peacock Painting

This particular art piece took me a few months to complete due to the layers and details on the peacock; moreover, also because the usage of numerous acrylic colors.  I also did something different just for this artwork, I created the background after creating the peacock.  

Golden Peacock

Golden Peacock

This artwork is framed.  I created this peacock using both oil and acrylic paint.  

White Peacock

White Peacock

Acrylic on Canvas 

Mediums - Heavy gloss acrylic gel & glitter.  

Various Shapes and Styles of Peacocks


This artwork I initially started to work with ovals and kept going with the shape and gave it depth by using various colors. 

White Peacock

Mother & child Peacock created using to present various designs

Glittery Peacock

I created this artwork using various glittery layers

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