Promotional Videos

Promo video for the launch of Sneha Desai Creations.  The shooting of this video took place at The Skylark in New York City.

A visualization to name - Sneha Desai Creations

A visualization to the name.

Sukshma Roop (Translation: A subtle form of Lord Krishna)

Shakyamuni Buddha

An Absolute Arabesque

Significantly Rooted


A Perfection Of Precisions In The Mist

Innovative Art

Magazine & Catalog Recognition

Art & Beyond Magazine Publishing April 2019 Edition - Artworks like, Rainbow Peacock, Into The Mountains, In Perfect Harmony, & Mysterious Tree included on Page 20 & Page 21.  Also included is a brief description of each artwork & Artist Quote: "Everything is art and art is my passion.  I express my love for life by leaving my handprints and essence in each and every one of my creations.  Feel free to create as you are creatively created." - Sneha Desai

Artblend Catalog Publishing - The Art Book of 2019 Edition - Artworks like The Golden Buddha & Siddhivinayak Ganapati included on Page 36 & Page 37.  Also included is a brief description of each artwork, a short biography about me, and Artist Quote: "My artwork varies and is expressive; furthermore, most of my artwork consists of gold colored paint, gold leaf, metallics, and glitter." - Sneha Desai

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Art & Beyond Magazine April 2019 Publishing, Page 20 & Page 21