Promotional Videos

Introduction to Sukshma Roop
Introduction to Sukshma Roop

Sukshma Roop (Translation: A subtle form of Lord Krishna)

Promo video for the launch of Sneha Desai Creations.  The shooting of this video took place at The Skylark in New York City.



Introduction to Raghavan


Introduction to A Perfection Of Precisions In The Mist

A Perfection Of Precisions In The Mist

A visualization to name - Sneha Desai Creations

A visualization to the name.

Introduction to Shakyamuni Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha

Introduction to An Absolute Arabesque

An Absolute Arabesque

Introduction to Significantly Rooted

Significantly Rooted

Introduction to Innovative Art

Jaanvi - Innovative Art

Magazine & Catalog Recognition

Art & Beyond Magazine Publishing April 2019 Edition - Artworks like, Rainbow Peacock, Into The Mountains, In Perfect Harmony, & Mysterious Tree included on Page 20 & Page 21.  Also included is a brief description of each artwork & Artist Quote: "Everything is art and art is my passion.  I express my love for life by leaving my handprints and essence in each and every one of my creations.  Feel free to create as you are creatively created." - Sneha Desai

Artblend Catalog Publishing - The Art Book of 2019 Edition - Artworks like The Golden Buddha & Siddhivinayak Ganapati included on Page 36 & Page 37.  Also included is a brief description of each artwork, a short biography about me, and Artist Quote: "My artwork varies and is expressive; furthermore, most of my artwork consists of gold colored paint, gold leaf, metallics, and glitter." - Sneha Desai

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